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Unlocking IT Efficiency with Augmented Outsourcing

Our specialization is Augmented Outsourcing in the IT field. We provide IT experts and advanced technologies to enhance the efficiency of your project. Whether you need programmers, testers, or project management specialists, we are ready to deliver knowledgeable experts.

How We Work

Tailoring Our Services to Your Business Needs

Our flexible collaboration is based on the individual needs of the client. We are ready to tailor our services to your expectations. Our goal is to provide you with support that allows you to focus on your business.


Commencement of Collaboration

At the outset of our collaboration, we always prioritize close contact with the client. This is the moment when we get to know your needs and expectations. Our team is ready to listen and understand your situation.


Presentation of the Offer

At this stage, we present our offer, discuss collaboration possibilities, and provide sample CVs of candidates in line with your requirements. Our flexibility enables us to adjust the offer to meet your needs.


Candidate Selection

Once you’ve chosen candidates who interest you, we proceed with the selection process. We conduct qualification interviews and assess the candidates’ skills to deliver the best IT specialists to you.


Contract Signing

After the approval of candidates, we move on to the formalities. The contract can be signed either on our initiative or yours, depending on your preferences.


Project Execution

Our teams are now working on the project, delivering high-quality software. In the meantime, we ensure employment continuity, which means that if needed, we swiftly provide a new specialist when one leaves the team.


Ongoing Collaboration and Development

We are prepared for long-term collaboration. Our aim is to build lasting relationships and assist in achieving your goals. Therefore, we offer continuous support and flexibility in providing specialists with various skills.


Feedback and Improvement

We value your feedback. We collect feedback in real-time, which helps us improve our services and adapt to your needs.


At TECHNOIR, we guarantee employment continuity, which means the swift provision of a new specialist if the need arises. Our flexibility and security are our priorities, which is why we emphasize trust and transparency in our collaboration.


At Technoir, we take pride in our versatility and flexibility in the realm of technologies and coding languages. Our team of IT specialists covers various domains, enabling us to deliver teams of employees with different skills. Here are some key technologies and coding languages we work with:


C# experts excel in developing applications for the Windows platform, as well as desktop and mobile software.


Our Java programmer teams are ready to work on extensive applications and platforms. This popular programming language allows us to create efficient and scalable software.


Python is ideal for web application development, data analysis, machine learning, and automation. Our Python teams are ready for any challenge.


At Technoir, we have an advantage in user interface design. We work with technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create attractive and functional websites.

Automated Testers

Our automated testing teams use tools like Selenium, Rest Assured, and Robot Framework to ensure software quality and shorten testing cycles.

Project Managers (PM)

Project management specialists have extensive knowledge of Agile methodologies and project management tools.

Scrum Masters

Scrum Masters at Technoir ensure that projects follow the Scrum methodology, accelerating software delivery.


Our user interface/user experience (UI/UX) design teams are experts at creating intuitive and appealing interfaces.


DevOps specialists ensure the smooth development, testing, and deployment of software, facilitating fast product delivery to the client.

It’s worth noting that we are not limited to specific technologies. If a client requests a programmer working with a specific technology or coding language, we are ready to take on that challenge. Our goal is to provide solutions tailored to the individual needs of clients and maintain our status as a development partner in the IT field.

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Our years of experience enable us to efficiently deliver IT specialists who meet our clients’ expectations. It’s our knowledge and commitment that make us a reliable partner.

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"Technoir's remarkable responsiveness and adaptability have significantly improved our IT operations. Their team consistently delivers tailored solutions, streamlining processes and boosting productivity."


"Technoir's unwavering reliability and professionalism have been instrumental in our joint success. Their commitment to excellence makes them the ideal partner for project collaboration."

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